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October 26, 2017
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Six quick and easy tips to sell more merch

If you’re looking to get rich quick, you probably shouldn’t have picked the music industry. It takes a looooooong time to be an overnight success, and the path is littered with other talented musos who’ve tried and failed to make the big time. And are still trying, in some cases.

That’s not to discourage you too much of course, because when you can get your hands on great custom band merch made right here in Australia, you’re a big step closer to making the career you love a little more financially sustainable too.

Say WHAT Jungle Merch? What even are you on?

Allow us to explain….

Having a great range of quality custom merch on hand is a surefire way to make a bit of extra cash along the way, meaning you don’t have to play the starving artist - you can just play your setlist instead.

We’ve put together our top six ways to guarantee that your merch sells quickly and easily, below.

1. Announce before your shows that you have merch available.

Showing a little glimpse of some of the amazing merch you’ll have up for sale on social media before your show is a surefire way to build anticipation in your fans and make sure they bring their wallets, too. A quick picture of your super hot merch-seller (unless it’s Barry the lighting guy) holding handfuls of your caps, mugs, and custom band tees snapped and put on social media will have them appearing with wads of cash in no time.

2. Announce your merch at your shows.

There’s nothing like a bit of gentle peer pressure (when used appropriately and wisely, of course) to get people motivated. Get your lead singer up on the stage and get him to plug the merch. Don’t overdo it of course, but reminding people what’s available and how great it looks is a good way to get those cash registers ringing.

I’m literally begging you to buy my merch

3. Head to your merch table after you've finished your show.

Get all band members to take turns doing a stint on the merch stand after shows and watch your fans line up to meet and greet you and have a chat. Not only is it a great way to sell merch, it’s a good way to build relationships with your fans and get their feedback on what you’re selling (and playing).

4. Have several different options across different price points -

Not everyone has the same access to disposable cash, or commitment to your band (sad but true). You may have plenty of people willing to drop $50 or more at your merch stand (here’s hoping) but it pays to have a range of merch options available at different price points. Start at enamel pins, postcards or guitar picks and work your way up!

5. Have great merch they can't resist

People just aren’t going to spend their hard-earned cash on stuff that doesn't look amazing, or make them look amazing. Invest in good design and production and it’ll pay dividends when your fans just can’t get enough of your merch.

6. Have a payment setup for people not carrying cash

Gone are the days of punters coming armed with jangling pockets of change they will happily part with at the merch stand for your hot new design of printed t shirts. Not that people aren’t willing to buy merch, quite the opposite, it’s just far fewer people carry cash. Having a EFTPOS set up will make sure you don’t miss any sales on the night, whether your fans are carrying coin or not. Jungle Merchandise is happy to get you all set up with a system if you think that’s the path for you!

Remember, the more merch you sell at your shows, the longer you’ll be able to make ends meet while making music - and making it big.

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