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December 12, 2017
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‘Band Interview’ –
Sydney’s Flaming Wrekage on Merch

Flaming Wrekage interview merch

Staying afloat as an up-and-coming act is no easy feat, but great merch can make the road to success a little easier. But it’s one thing to take our word for it and another to speak to someone who’s actually pulling it off, so we spoke to Dave Lupton from Flaming Wrekage to get his tips on band merch that sells, and how it’s helped them stay on the road.

Can you tell me what your band Flaming Wrekage is all about?

Flaming Wrekage is a blend of thrash and death metal. We are all about touring and playing as many shows as we can and writing different and exciting heavy metal.

Why do you think it's good to have quality band merch when your band is playing live shows?

It's the best possible way to spread the word about your band. Having your fans as a walking promotion is a great thing to have. Having a great range of merch is also super important, especially for heavy metal bands. Every metal fan has more shirts than they have room for and they love to rep their favourite band. I'd say metal bands always have the best merch. We always make sure our shirts are always really detailed and eye catching.

Where has Flaming Wrekage toured to?

We've toured Australia plenty of times including lot's or regionals and capital cities. We've also toured in Indonesia.

Can you tell me about a time when selling merch helped you to stay on the road for longer?

One time in Canberra we were playing a really average gig to about 12 people. Somehow all of them bought something, including one guy who bought literally everything on the table. We ended up making a killing in merch which got us to the next town!

What do you see as the financial benefits of selling merch? Is this a critical aspect of your stage shows/tours?

Merch is your lifeline on tour. That's what pays for accomodation and petrol. We wouldn't be able to afford to do what we do without it.

Do you have any negative band merch experiences with your band that you've learned from?

Maybe not having as much variety to start off with. We had the same two shirts for ages. As soon as we expanded our range we starting selling alot more. Having five or so designs sets you apart from the rest.

Also, putting a bit of time into the presentation of your table is very important too. Most of all don't undersell anything! Those gory metal shirts you see aren't cheap to print due to the amount of colours in the design. Sell them for what they're worth!

What are your favourite pieces of merch that you sell?

Probably the Thrown To The Wolves shirt. We've had to do several re prints of that as they always sell really fast. It's a gnarly design by a dude called Rivan Aji. He also designed our logo and he's amazing at those gory death metal style pieces.

Anything else you would like to add?

The most direct way to support any band is to buy their merch so don't be a tight arse and grab a shirt!

So there you have it from the professionals. Top Tips- variety, presentation and do not undersell your merch! To check out Flaming Wrekage’s store, head to:

To check out more of the work of Rivan Ali, head to

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