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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017

11 Awesome Products you didn’t know we make

So you’ve got the custom tees sorted and now you’re starting to think a little bigger for your merchandise requirements. You’re have also realised that the more you can offer to your fans that they actually want to buy, the more cash you can make.

I’m a frickin genius

Seriously though, your merch table is a pretty important component of your shows, particularly if you’re unlucky enough to not be a millionaire just yet and have to work out a way to keep a roof over your head and fuel in the tank. By offering up some really cool and creative items that fans want to buy, you’ll be well on your way to making some decent extra cash.

It pays to spend some time thinking about your fans - who they are and what they’re into. It also pays to think about your shows and where they are. Playing a Melbourne festival? Think scarves. Playing a Brisbane festival? Think sunscreen. Playing in Hobart? Think beanies.

Maybe you have the time and energy to get a bit creative and make something cool. Maybe you are actually a talented painter or are great at knitting beanies or making macrame pot plant hangers.

Any items you can make are likely to be big ticket items for local fans and are a great way to jazz up your merch table with a personal touch.

That said, not every band has the time or energy to be spending their spare time embroidering their band name onto tea towels, in which case it may be worthwhile looking at outsourcing it instead.

Luckily for you, Jungle Merchandise has a whole range of awesome merch options that’ll have your fans happily dropping more cash than ever before.

Shut up and take my money

Condoms: Branded condoms to make sure your fans’ nights go out with a bang (ahem). Seriously, these have novelty factor and are bought a lot as gifts, so they’re a winner at many a merch stand.

Weed Grinders: For medicinal purposes, naturally.

Keep Coffee Cups: The world has gone pretty mad for reusable coffee cups and these are a great and affordable option. They also get a lot of public exposure, meaning they’re a solid merch choice for your band, too. Plus, what better way for a fan to celebrate after an amazing late night at your show than re-fuelling the next morning from one of your band’s keep coffee cups?

Socks: Merch that walks off the shelf! (We’re here all week, folks). Socks are a big seller and also make a cool gift option. They’re also cheap and easy to post, so they make a great seller in an online shopfront.

Sunscreen Sachets: Great for outdoor gigs and festivals. Or, if you’re a goth band.

Enamel Pin Badges: Cute and hip, noticeable and visible. Who doesn’t love them? These are an easy investment for fans. Try sending your lead singer to stand at the exit door after a show with a whole bucket of them and see how many he/she can sell to people on their way out the door.

Dog Hoodies: Dogs like to look cool, and at Jungle Merchandise we like to support them in that. Again, a great gift item and a big seller in online shopfronts.

Custom Shape USB’s: You know this is going to get you a whole lot of exposure because my God, don’t these things like to get passed around?

Headphones: Quality headphones, clearly branded. A winner for any music lover and a quality piece of merch to go the distance.

Phone Cases: Flash your band name every time your fan answers their phone. That’s some clever merchin’, right there.

Coffee Mugs: Another low spend-item with a long shelf life and an essential in any good merch stand.

The bottom line is that your merch options are as many and varied as your song options. Doesn’t matter what kind of band you are or what kind of music you play or who your fans are, Jungle Merchandise has something that’ll work for you. We’re also happy to work with you to develop something totally new and out-there too, if that’s what you want to go for.
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